Exam Invigilation

North West College is an approved exam invigilation center for many educational institutions, organizations and agencies. Our test centers are located in North Battleford, SK and Meadow Lake, SK. 
North Battleford Exam Invigilation: 
Currently, online appointment booking is only available at our Battlefords Campus. This service is accessible to our students, instructors and the general public. To book your test, please complete the online form below. 
North Battleford Online Exam Booking Form:  CLICK HERE
Meadow Lake Exam Invigilation:
To book an exam for Meadow Lake please contact:
Meadow Lake Campus
Tel: 306.234.5100


  • Exam Invigilation is available to:
    • North West College students and staff
    • Other colleges and universities 
    • Professional organizations
    • External agencies 
  • Exams can be paper or computer-based 
  • Able to process individual or group bookings 
  • We can invoice exam fees, directly to companies   *For pre-approval, please call us: 306-937-5100


  • Exams must be booked a min. of 2 days (48 hours) in advance
  • Arrive 15 min. before your exam time and check in with our front desk staff
  • Late students: 
    • Individual’s more than 15 min. late, may not be able to write their exam and the appointment may be cancelled. *Staff discretion on case-by-case basis 
    • Exams are pre-booked in blocks of time, if you are late to start (arrive within 15 min. of the original start time) you will not get additional time added to your exam, but will have to complete the exam within the set timeline. 
  • Parking is available at no cost, for visitors to NWC Campuses. At front reception, you will be asked to sign-in with the following information:
    • Date 
    • Name
    • Vehicle Make/License Plate #
    • Time In/Out 


Check-in: 15 min before exams starts. 
Be prepared to show valid, government-issued identification:
  • Current driver’s license 
  • Military ID
  • Passport
  • Status Card 
  • Declaration of Refugee Status 
 Depending on the exam, if the student does not have picture ID, the following may be allowed:
  • Saskatchewan Health Card
  • Social Insurance Number 
Cell phones and other personal items are not permitted in the testing area. A cabinet will be provided as storage during the exam, but we are not responsible for lost or stolen items. We advise for them to be left at home or in a locked and safe location during your exam. 
We are a scent-free facility, so no strong perfumes or fragrances are allowed.
No food or drink in the test area. Clear water bottles are allowed, with the label removed. 
Scrap paper and calculators require instructor or institution approval, and are provided by North West College (unless informed otherwise). All writing materials (i.e. pen, pencil, eraser) are to be provided by the test taker, and subject to review by staff before the exam. 
Outerwear is not permitted (i.e. coats, sunglasses, scarves, hats). No watches may be worn, including fitness trackers. 
Test-Takers may be asked to turnout their pockets, and glasses may be visual inspected. 


Education Resource Services (ERS) welcomes students with disabilities to register with our campus supports. This provides opportunity to access services and programs throughout our campus locations.
Classroom and testing accommodations are provided for those registered with North West College – Education Resource Services. 
A student registered with ERS and/or attending our Battlefords Campus, can only book a test online, if they have prior approval from their instructor. A student’s exam can only be booked during the specific timeline provided by the instructor to us. The ERS Test Centre - Instructor Form must be received by the Education Resource Consultant, a minimum of 3 business days in advance of the exam's scheduled date. Upon receipt, the student’s information will be entered into the online system and they can then book online.  
After booking the test, the student will receive an email receipt and confirmation of test date and time. Students are to provide a copy of the exam booking confirmation to their instructor, as soon as they receive it. Please email the copy (forward it). 
For further information on accessibility supports/testing accommodations, please contact Gail Csada at Education Resource Services: gail.csada@northwestcollege.ca.


Exam dates and times are subject to seat availability. Evening appointments are sometimes available, but require pre-approval from our testing centres. To check calendar dates of exam seat availability at our Battlefords location, log on to our online booking system. Currently, we offer the following options for reserving your test day and time:
• September 3rd – May 29th 
     Battlefords Campus
  • Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday - 9am, 1pm or 5pm 
  • Thursday - 5:30pm 
  • Friday - 9am 
• June 1st – September 1st 
     Battlefords Campus 
  • Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday - 9am or 1pm 
  • Friday - 9am 

Accuplacer refers to a testing system that can be used to determine if post-secondary students have the skills and knowledge needed to start taking college-level courses, regardless of whether they're enrolling in a career-training or traditional college program. The purpose of the Accuplacer tests is to evaluate the mathematics, reading and writing skills of test-takers.
  • Battlefords Campus , call: 306-937-5100
  • Meadow Lake Campus, call: 306-234-5100 
SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test)
  • For more information on SATs please click HERE.

We now offer an online booking system at the Battlefords Campus. You may be required to enter the following information:

  • Program Name
  • Course Name 
  • Course Number 
  • Instructor Name
  • Instructor Email
  • Date and Time of Test
  • Type of Test: Mid-Term, Final, Re-write 
  • Exam Format: Paper or Computer Test 
After booking the test, the student will receive an email receipt and confirmation of test date and time. NWC students at our Battleford location, are to provide a copy of the exam booking confirmation to their instructor, as soon as they receive it. Please email the copy (forward it). 
If you are an external client, once you have booked your exam online, you will receive an email receipt, confirming your test date and time. This emailed receipt can then be submitted to your institution. Upon approval by your institution, your exam will be sent to us.  
We recommend that you contact us 2-3 days prior to your exam date, to confirm that your exam has arrived.
Some institutions have a form that we will need to sign. You can scan and send this form to us, depending on your exam location.


  • North West College students may qualify for a discount, depending on the exam requested. 
  • All exam fees must be paid in full, before writing an exam. 
  • Cost of the exam, depends on the type of exam being written and the time length required.  Generally exams are $20 to write, however there will be circumstances where this will vary.
  • Depending on contract agreements with educational institutions or agencies, North West College will provide an invoice for exam fees. 


For more information, please contact your nearest North West College - Test Centre.
Battlefords Campus
10702 Diefenbaker Drive
North Battleford, SK S9A 4A8
Tel: 306-937-5100
Meadow Lake Campus
720 5th St W
Meadow Lake, SK S9X 1T9
Tel: 306-234-5100