We would like to express our sincere thanks to you and your colleagues that have been supporting us over the years. Even through the pandemic your support and commitment to North West College and our students never waivered. Thanks to you, we were able to deliver quality education in our community and the northwest region. Your efforts, support, and donations allowed our students to dream new dreams and see a brighter future. 

We want to thank our donors for the continued support to our scholarship fund. Through scholarship donations, donations in kind and fundraising events, your combined contributions have given NWC the opportunity to match these contributions with provincial funds and award approximately $100,000 in scholarships each year. 

We want to thank all of our partners who work together with us by providing practicums and work placements for our students to apply the knowledge they learn in the classroom and develop the skills required to be successful in the workforce. Together we are building a stronger workforce and fostering student success.

Thank you for supporting our students and the College invarious ways. Without the support of our partners we would not be able to provide the supports and opportunities for our students to the degree we can now.

Together with your continued support, NWC is proud to serve the needs of northwest Saskatchewan from its two main campuses situated in the Battlefords and Meadow Lake, as well as approximately 25 rural communities throughout our region.

This year NWC conducted a thorough labour market assessment at the local, provincial and national levels. Based on our findings, the major industries in our region include health care, retail trade, public administration, education, accommodation and food services, agriculture, forestry, manufacturing, tourism, finance and insurance, construction, and oil and gas. Other areas of consideration are artificial intelligence, remote automation, cybersecurity, environmental protection, and geographic information systems. Over the next few years, NWC will focus on providing subsidized and non-subsidized programming in the areas mentioned above (including through micro-credentials).

In order to continue and support our students and our community, our main priorities are constructing a new community-based campus in the Battlefords and implementing a robust economic diversification strategy to reduce dependency on provincial government operating funds and address business and industry programming needs. Together we want to continue to collaborate with you our partners, to ensure we are meeting your needs and in turn the needs of our region.

Again, we wish to thank all our donors and industry partners who donated their time, knowledge, and experience to our students. You have invited North West students into your business to learn, share and grow in their professional practice. You made a difference and invested in the future of us all. The training of these skilled workers is a task undertaken not by the College alone but by our communities and partners. We look forward to continuing to work with all of you to ensure we provide solutions to your specific labour market needs.

North West College partners with over 300 different employers each year, ensuring that every one of our students has the opportunity for real work experience. And for that, we thank you.


The Executive Management Team and all staff and faculty of North West College.

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Are you looking for a way to support your community, build our regional economy and generate a taxable deduction? The North West College Scholarship Fund supports promising students in our communities who need help to reach their educational goals. All contributions are welcome with incentives and advertising opportunities available for larger donations. Please contact for more information.