University of Saskatchewan

The U of S is consistently ranked as one of the top universities in Canada and in the world. Become part of the tradition. Enroll in your first year of U of S classes, and select North West College as your first year campus location.

University professors drive out from Saskatoon and instruct classes in North Battleford. Tutorials are provided for many classes to ensure you get help if you need it. Access to professors and tutors are huge benefits and contribute significantly towards the success rates of NWC students.

Most of the face-to-face classes run only once per week. Efficiencies gained by not having to travel to and fro as frequently enable students to have more time to do other things.

Many of our students have found that the focus on their studies is what is important for their first year of university. This awareness has served them well as they adapted to the pressures of the critical first year of university.

With a smaller pool of students, the chances of receiving a scholarship are better at NWC. Many students are able to keep their part-time jobs and help finance their educational goals.

Below is our list of Face-to-face and Televised courses offered through North West  College. To apply for admission to the U of S click HERE . Or for more information about the University of Saskatchewan visit the University of Saskatchewan website.

More Information

For more information about U of S programs visit their main website: U of S.

University of Saskatchewan application forms for Canadian applicants available here.

For assistance in planning your university career, contact a North West College near you or inquire here.