University of Regina

University of Regina is renowned for its excellent Bachelor of Education program and its expertise in social sciences. In Meadow Lake, a full first year of University of Regina classes are available, including classes towards your B. Ed. In addition, social work, police studies are other popular programs at our Meadow Lake Campus.

Battlefords Campus has a number of first and second year classes.

The number of university students at Meadow Lake Campus has increased rapidly over the past couple of years. Students enjoy the new facility and the relaxed, friendly atmosphere, and they appreciate the benefits of remaining closer to home during their first year of studies. Below is our list of Face-to-face and Televised courses offered through North West College. For a selection of online programs visit their Flexible Learning Division or their main website

More Information

For more information about U of R programs visit their Flexible Learning Division or their main website.

University of Regina application forms available HERE.

For counselling or assistance in planning your university career, contact a North West  College location near you or inquire HERE.