Culinary Arts Diploma - Year 2

Culinary Arts Diploma - Year 2 2023-2024


This two year program begins in the kitchen with everything you need to start your culinary career.  You will work closely with Red Seal Chef instructors through events and projects as well as having opportunities to attend industry-based competitions. This program teaches students to research and menu plan for buffets, banquets, festivals and other events that the Culinary Program will organize throughout the year.  Upon completion, students who register as apprentices may be granted Level 1 and Level 2 towards Red Seal certification allowing students to fast track their careers in this exciting field.

Year 2 Tuition: $6014 (estimated)

Meadow Lake Campus
Sep 5th, 2023 - May 17th, 2024 Full-time

Admission Requirements

*Grade 12 
*English language requirement


Code Name
  • COMP 0198 Computer Applications

    Prerequisite: COMP-0020 Word Processing Skills
    Students gain practical skills in utilizing software to assist in food service management. Specifically, students learn how to use computerized programs to create prep, line and plating specifications, manage inventory and track food costs, and link the management of these components to the overall financial health of the food service operation. Students also hone their online portfolio to showcase their employability skills.

  • COOK 0063 Cuisine and Trends

    In this course, students explore the flavours and recipes of international cuisine, as well as trends in cooking.

  • COOK 0088 Culinary Applications 2

    Prerequisite: COOK-0081 Culinary Applications 1 This course includes special projects and functions that allow the student to transfer what they have learned to practical application and to exercise critical thinking. The learner rotates through several stations as a chef de partie to develop skills, techniques and knowledge in the area of food service management and cost control.

  • COOK 0061 Foodservice Management

    Students learn the concepts of effective foodservice employee management. Topics include hiring practices, orientation and training, supervision, performance evaluation, discipline and dismissal, and multicultural management.

  • COOK 0058 Garde Manger 2

    Prerequisite: COOK-0005 Garde Manger 1 Students learn to plan, design, prepare, and present advanced level platters, buffets, displays, sculptures and showpieces. This course prepares the student for the 'Special Culinary Projects' course

  • COOK 0097 Level 2 Final Practical Cook

    This the practical exam for Level 2 Cook for the Apprenticeship and Trades Commission.

  • COOK 0089 Level 2 Final Theory Cook

    This is the theory exam for Level 2 Cook for the Apprenticeship and Trades Commission.

  • COOK 0089 Meats and Poultry 2

    Prerequisite: COOK-0010 Meats and Poultry 1 This course expands on the skills and techniques previously developed and it introduces advanced techniques and procedures. Topics include understanding cuts of meat, classifications and wild meats.

  • COOK 0065 Nutritional Cooking

    This course focuses on the most common nutritional requests: reduced fat, reduced salt, reduced sugar, reduced calories, more complex carbohydrates and protein from sources other than red meat. Dietary guidelines, food allergies and institutional cooking are also included.

  • COOK 0067 Patisserie 2

    Prerequisite: COOK-0074 Patisserie 1 This course examines the procedures for making breads and other yeast products, cakes, icings, pies, frozen desserts and related items. Students develop skills in the preparation of yeast products, quick breads, choux paste, cookies and puff pastry.

  • COOK 0090 Patisserie 3

    Prerequisite: COOK-0067 Patisserie 2 This course focuses on advanced fermented and yeast-raised products, advanced cake decorating and dessert plating techniques, chocolate creations and classical pastries and tortes including creams, custards, puddings, frozen desserts and sauces.

  • COOK 0091 Seafood Cookery

    Students work with a large variety of fish and seafood products to learn proper handling, preparation and cooking. This course includes filleting and determining quality and freshness of both fresh and frozen products.

  • COOK 0112 Special Culinary Projects

    Students select, plan, design and create their own special project. Possibilities include culinary competition showpieces, food sculptures, wedding cakes and hot food competition entry.

  • COOK 0092 Stocks, Soups and Sauces 2

    Prerequisites: COOK-0174 Stocks, Soups and Sauces 1 This course covers advanced areas of stocks, thickening agents, soups and sauces.

  • COOK 0093 Vegetables/Fruits/Starches 2

    Prerequisite: COOK-0087 Vegetables/Fruits/Starches 1 This course provides students with advanced knowledge of preparing and cooking vegetables, fruits, starches and farinaceous products.

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