Hairstylist 2023-2024


Hairstylist is a pre-employment diploma program. Hairstylists who want to work in the trade are legally required to first complete a 1500 hour pre-employment program. You will learn how to perform techniques on hair, wigs, hairpieces, skin and nails. You will also develop artistry, salon management and customer service skills. The program provides an apprenticeship period of up to two years. Graduates have the opportunity of going directly to Level 2 of the Esthetician Program.


Battlefords Campus
Aug 23rd, 2023 - Jul 12th, 2024 Full-time
Weekdays : 09:00am to 04:00pm

Tuition: $9200.00 (subject to change)
Application Fee of $35.00
Books: $2500.00 (subject to change)
Print Fee: $50.00
Other: $350.00

Admission Requirements

* Grade 12
* English Language Requirement

Special admission is not available; all applicants must meet the admission requirements stated above prior to the program start date.


Code Name
  • BUS 101 Salon Operations

    You will develop an understanding of operating a hair salon and employer expectations. Your studies will develop your awareness of legal and labour regulations, financing, salon design and maintaining shop inventory and equipment. The course covers practical application of personality theories to salon situations.


  • ESTH 100 Introduction to Skin Care and Makeup Techniques

    You will review a variety of methods and procedures that relate to preserving, maintaining and enhancing the skin. You will practice techniques in eyebrow arching, waxing, and brow and lash tinting.

  • HAIR 100 Foundations of Hairstyling

    You will explore sciences as they relate to hairstyling. The course content includes chemistry, physics, anatomy and physiology, trichology, nutrition and metric conversion. You will examine communication skills for hairstylists.

  • HAIR 101 Shampoos and Treatments

    You will study the practice and theory in shampooing, finishing rinses, hair treatments and scalp treatments. You will develop the knowledge required to recognize diseases and disorders of the scalp.

  • HAIR 102 Hairstyling and Braiding Principles

    The course is an introduction to the basic principles of finger waves, pin curls, roller sets, comb-outs, blow waving and braiding techniques. You will learn to style hair to suit particular client features.

  • HAIR 103 Conventional Wet Styling

    The course examines the practical application of pin curling, finger waving, wet set styling and comb-outs.

  • HAIR 104 Thermal Styling

    You will practice air waving, blow waving and iron waving techniques.

  • HAIR 105 Chemical Waving

    You will study and practice all aspects of chemically treating the hair either through permanent waving or chemical relaxing.

  • HAIR 106 Basic Hair Colouring

    You will study all aspects of colouring with emphasis on practical applications of temporary, semi-permanent and permanent hair colouring techniques.

  • HAIR 107 Hairshaping Mechanics

    You will be introduced to the basic principles of cutting mechanics. You will gain an understanding of the use of hairshaping tools, angles and the elevation of cutting techniques (in theory and in practical).

  • HAIR 108 Specialized Hair Colouring and Lightening

    You will focus on specialized colouring techniques with emphasis on the practical application of lightening and toning, creative lightening techniques and specialized colouring techniques.

  • HAIR 109 Wigs and Hair Pieces

    You will practice cleaning and styling human and synthetic wigs, hair pieces and extensions. In your studies you will practice consultation, fitting and styling for wigs, hair extensions, and hair pieces.

  • HAIR 110 Hairstyling Artistry

    You will pre-plan and perform an individualized hairstyle by analyzing the elements of design and suitability of a hairstyle to suit your client’s needs. The course expands on the basic mechanics of hairstyling to help you create special effects using specialized styling techniques.

  • HAIR 111 Hairshaping Artistry

    You will expand on basic haircutting techniques with an introduction to art principles, creating individualized designs, custom design, and cutting. You will learn how to pre-plan a precision hairshape to suit the client's needs, lifestyle, body stature and styling abilities.

  • HAIR 112 Chemical Waving Artistry

    You will plan and wrap chemical wave designs including specialized techniques for all hair lengths.

  • HAIR 113 Men's Hairshaping

    You will practice barbering techniques for unisex styling. These techniques include clipper cutting, shear/comb techniques, razor/combing.

  • NAIL 100 Introdcuction to Manicures and Pedicures

    You will develop an understanding of the anatomy of hands and feet. Your studies will help you acquire an understanding of hand and nail care, diseases and disorders. You will practice giving manicures and pedicures.

  • NAST 103 Introduction to Indigenous Studies

    You will receive an introduction to the Indigenous cultural groups within Saskatchewan. You will learn about the colonization of Indigenous peoples by the Canadian state. Your studies will help you discuss current issues and explore possible solutions.

  • PRAC 200 Customer Service Practicum 1

    You will become familiar with salon practices and gain experience in dealing with clients and reinforcing the skills you have practiced on mannequins and other students. You will prepare to work as a hairstylist by practicing under the direct supervision of an instructor.

  • PRAC 201 Customer Service Practicum 2

    You will focus on professionalism in the salon, teamwork and customer service at a basic level. You will build on the skills you learned in PRAC 200.

  • PRAC 202 Customer Service Practicum 3

    You will learn how to become more efficient in your skills in dealing with clients and learning the best practices of salon client consultation. You will prepare to work as a hairstylist by practicing under the direct supervision of an instructor. You will build on the skills you learned in PRAC 201.

  • PRAC 203 Customer Service Practicum 4

    You will develop a clientele and work with co-workers to provide quality customer service. You will prepare to work as a hairstylist by practicing with moderate supervision of an instructor and learn industry professionalism. You will build on skills you learned in PRAC 202.

  • PRAC 204 Customer Service Practicum 5

    You will gain experience in dealing with conflict and consult with clients independently. You will prepare to work as a hairstylist by practicing with minimal supervision of an instructor. You will build on skills you learned in PRAC 203.

  • PRAC 205 Customer Service Practicum 6

    You will demonstrate mastery in performing all hairstylist services. You will participate in a mock journey person evaluation.

  • PRAC 215 Salon Reception and Retail Practicum

    Your studies will focus on telephone skills, processing payments, maintaining records and opening and closing reception duties in a hair salon. You will practice your reception skills in the salon along with selling products and services, merchandising retail products and managing a salon. You will operate and maintain the hair salon dispensary.

  • SANT 108 Sanitation, Safety and Hygiene for Hairstylists

    Your studies will focus on safety as it relates to a hair salon, personal health and sanitation. This course provides instruction in the study of bacteriology. You will also study relevant safety concerns such as fire safety, health risks and diseases.

  • SEM 100 Hairstylist Professional Development

    You will participate in field trip experiences to enrich your industry contacts, increase your product knowledge and learn about the latest technology and techniques.

  • WORK 104 Work Placement Practicum

    To help you in your final preparations for employment, you will spend one week in industry. You will have the opportunity to observe in the work environment and become familiar with the everyday customer relations and working schedules of a salon.

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