Industrial Mechanics (Millwright) Applied Certificate

Industrial Mechanics (Millwright) Applied Certificate 2022-2023


If you like working with machinery, enjoy solving mechanical problems and are good with your hands, check out the Industrial Mechanics applied certificate program. You’ll get the knowledge and skills you need to install, repair, overhaul and maintain stationary, industrial machinery and mechanical equipment.

Demand for industrial mechanics—also called millwrights—is high across western Canada. Oil and gas, and mining are big employers, but there’s also demand in manufacturing, milling, power generation and chemical plants.

Graduates may find employment in commercial or industrial operations that use machinery. These include wood, cereal, meat processing and power generating plants, mines, mills and refineries.

50% Shop Time, 50% Class Time

Trade time and academic credit may be available for graduates who find employment in the trade and register as apprentices.

Battlefords Campus
Feb 1st, 2023 - Jun 6th, 2023 Full-time
Weekdays : 09:00am to 03:30pm

Tuition: $2233.00 (subject to change)
Application Fee of $35.00
Books: $500.00 (subject to change)
Print Fee: $50.00

Admission Requirements

  • Grade 12 with one of the following math: Foundations of Math 20, Workplace and Apprenticeship Math 20, or Pre-Calculus 20. 
  • English Language Requirement
  • Special admission is available.


Code Name
  • INDM 111 - Lubrication, Bearings and Seals

    You will learn theory and application of lubrication, bearings and seals as it applies to power transmissions.

  • TOOL 116 Power Tools

    You will learn theory and practical operation of grinders, drills and threading machines.

  • WLDR 103 - Welding and Cutting

    You will study the basics of oxy-acetylene cutting and welding. You will learn to safely use and store material involved with these operations.

  • WORK 117 - Work Experience

    You will participate in a work placement to further your understanding of workplace employer needs.

  • MATH 107 - Industrial Mechanics, Applied Certificate Trade Mathematics

    The course reviews basic mathematical concepts and introduces mathematical concepts that support applications in the Industrial Mechanics trade.

  • METL 105 - Metallurgy and Fabrication

    You will learn theory and practical application of metallurgy for steels. You will learn theoretical and practical fabrication techniques.

  • RIGG 100 - Rigging/Installation/Alignment

    You will develop skills in lifting and shifting loads of different shapes and sizes. It will prepare you to work safely. You will learn to install and align equipment.

  • TOOL 114 - Hand Tools

    You will learn the theoretical and practical application of hand tools.

  • TOOL 115 - Assembly and Measuring Tools

    You will experience the theoretical and practical application of assembly tools and precision measuring tools.

  • DRFT 102 - Drafting & Blueprint Reading

    You will acquire sufficient drafting and blueprint reading skills to produce acceptable shop drawings.

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