Business Management Diploma (International) Year 1 of a 2 Year Program

Business Management Diploma (International) Year 1 of a 2 Year Program 2024-2025


This two-year diploma will provide a well-rounded business foundation. You'll learn core business concepts, including accounting, finance, management, computers, marketing, human resources and more. If you like being part of decision-making processes and are interested in organizational culture and interpersonal dynamics, the Business Management specialty will appeal to you. Business management is many things - efficient management of people, effective organization of resources, and strategic planning for growth. You could work in an administrative role in a wide range of public and privately owned enterprises and government organizations, or start your own business.

You'll develop knowledge and skills in interpersonal and organizational behavior, finance and managerial accounting, entrepreneurship, digital media, leadership and decision making, cross-cultural management, project management, and strategic management.

This program is accredited by Saskatchewan Polytechnic and by the Canadian Institute of Management (CIM). When you graduate, you'll have met the educational requirements for the Certified in Management (CIM) professional designation.

Job-Ready at Graduation
The classroom mirrors a business environment. You'll work individually and in teams.  You'll turn classroom friendships into a professional network. You'll learn by doing. This means, for example, that you'll learn about Microsoft Office by using it in class, about business communications by writing reports and about marketing by developing a marketing plan.

First Year International Tuition $13000.00 plus Books $1873.00

Program session: 501994.

This program for international students is FULL. 

Dates: Year one: Aug. 26, 2024 to May 2, 2025.

$140 Application Fee payable via Flywire

Please contact the Battlefords Campus for more information or to enrol: 306-937-5100

Battlefords Campus
Aug 26th, 2024 - May 2nd, 2025 Full-time

Tuition: $17500.00 (subject to change)

Admission Requirements

*Grade 12 
*English language requirement 

**Minimum overall average 6.5 for IELTS-academic, and 105 for Duolingo


Computer experience using a Windows application is recommended

Special Admissions:
Applicants who do not possess the academic qualifications for a program may be admitted if evidence of probable success can be established through a special admission assessment. Interested individuals should still apply. Applicants are automatically considered for special admission.


  • Introductory Financial Accounting 1

    Your studies will focus on an introduction to financial accounting designed to provide you with accounting skills to handle business transactions.  The course will include bookkeeping techniques, accounting for a merchandising concern and control over cash and receivables.  Accounting for payroll is also introduced in this course.  ACCT 122 is a companion to ACCT 125 (Introductory Financial Accounting 2) which continues the study of basic financial accounting.

  • Organizational Behaviour

    You will study human behaviour in organizations and develop the skills needed to deal with people at work.  The course content includes individual behaviour, values, interpersonal relationships and communications, groups and team dynamics, organizational culture, leadership, and change.  You will explore all the topics within the context of diverse formal organizations.

  • Business Communications

    You will develop fundamental employability skills through study of the principles of communication and active listening techniques.  The course content includes development of effective writing skills and formatting.  You will apply the principles and skills by writing business messages for positive, negative and persuasive purposes.  You will examine ways to apply communication skills to cross-cultural situations.  You will learn to apply effective presentation skills when delivering oral presentations and conducting business meetings.  You will write short reports.

  • Introduction to Business

    You will be introduced to fundamentals of business. You will study structures, activities and forces that impact businesses. The course will explore the importance of ethical business practices, corporate social responsibility, and economic diversity in the global economy. You will begin your exploration of the functional business areas of leadership, human resources, operations, marketing, accounting, finance, and entrepreneurship. The course will prepare you for further study in these areas and others. You will work on a business case and prepare a simple business plan

  • Business Solutions Software

    Your studies will focus on the practical use of File Management, Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel from the Microsoft Office Professional software suite. You will learn a wide range of skills from intermediate to advanced in each of the applications.

  • Microeconomics

    Your studies will focus on an introduction to microeconomics. You will learn how individuals, businesses and governments make decisions in a world of scarce resources and unlimited wants. You will study how production and consumption choices are made in a market economy. You will learn to analyze economic fundamentals in supply, demand, costs, response to price changes, and income distribution. Finally, you will gain an understanding of the most common market structures along with their price and output determination in the Canadian economic marketplace.

  • Automated Financial Accounting

    Using an automated accounting software package, you will learn how to enter transactions into journals (general, purchase, payments, sales, cash receipts and payroll) and ledgers (general, accounts receivable, accounts payable and payroll), learn to account for inventory, and learn to prepare banking records.  You will also prepare the initial automated accounting setup for use by a company.

  • Introduction to Human Resource Management

    Your studies will focus on an overview of human resource management and practices.  You will learn the impact of job analysis; planning, recruiting, and selection processes; training, developing and compensation considerations, and management performance and labour relations.  Employee and organizational ethics are discussed throughout the course with an emphasis on using human resource management to achieve high organizational performance.

  • Commercial Law

    Your studies will focus on the field of commercial law.  You will examine in detail the concepts of contract law and how these concepts are influenced by various legislative acts and common law.  Other legal concepts in your studies will focus on: torts, agency, various forms of business organizations, the sale of goods, employment, negotiable instruments, bailments, insurance, real and intellectual property, and secured transactions.

  • Business Mathematics

    You will deal with business problems involving ratios, proportions and percent.  You will study the mathematics of merchandizing by examining discounts and markups.  You will deal with the concept of the time value of money and how it is applied to both simple and compound interest.  You will study ordinary annuities and specifically how they relate to mortgages.

  • Marketing

    You will discover the dynamic field of marketing.  You will explore what marketing is, how it works, and the effect it can have on consumers and on society.  At the end of the course, you should have a strong sense of how to market ideas, skills, as well as products and services.  Marketing concepts you will learn include: the strategic marketing planning process, market research, segmentation, positioning, consumer behaviour, and the marketing mix.

  • Introductory Financial Accounting 2

    Your studies will focus on an introduction to financial accounting building on the skills you learned in ACCT 122 (Introductory Financial Accounting 1). Your studies include these topics: accounting for property, plant and equipment assets, current and non-current liabilities, partnerships, and corporations and accounting for payroll. In addition, you will learn to prepare a cash flow statement and perform ratio analysis.

  • YEAR 2

  • Finance

    You will become familiar with the role of finance and its implication for risk, income and control, credit conditions and a firm's state of liquidity. The course content includes sources of capital and corporate borrowing, cost of capital theory and optimal capital structure, and the capital budget decision-making.

  • Training and Development Foundations

    Through a combined theory and hands-on approach, you will analyze the strategic value of developing talent within an organization. You will leverage an instructional design model to determine a training need, design an effective training program and consider effective training program avaluation techniques.

  • Training and Development Delivery

    Through a combined theory and hands-on approach, you will leverage an instructional design model to develop, deliver and evaluate a training program based on an established training program design. Specifically, you will consider different training methods and different techniques for training delivery to align with a business need and the needs of learners. You will also develop and conduct training evaluations.

  • Cross-Cultural Management

    You will learn skills, knowledge and attitudes that support the transformation of diversity into a competitive advantage. Your studies will include the elements of culture that define societies, intercultural communication skills that support collaboration, and strategies that enhance organizational and personal efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Project Management

    You will develop the skills and techniques required to make an effective contribution to, and have an immediate impact on, successful projects. You will develop the knowledge required to initiate, plan, execute, control and close projects. You will gain a working knowledge of MS Project software and be able to use it to schedule, budget and control projects.

  • Advertising and Marketing Communications

    You will develop an integrated marketing communication plan using current industry practices. Applying the theory and rationale to creating advertisements and developing media plans are key components of the course. These essential components will be complemented by an illustration of the strategic use of sales promotion, personal selling, public relations, and event marketing/sponsorship

  • Essential Business Skills

    In addition to developing your presentation, time management and emotional intelligence skills, you will be creating a personal brand that will communicate your individuality to the world. You will also practice proper Canadian business communication and etiquette in various circumstances to ensure success in your chosen field.

  • Leadership Development

    Through obtaining an understanding of organizational and personal leadership principles and practices, you will develop your own philosophies about leading and following in the workplace. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to pursue your own leadership development through self-reflection and the development of a leadership development action plan. Key topics include: strengths-based leadership, leadership ethics, embracing diversity and inclusion, developing core leadership skills, developing others, and empowering followers.

  • Entrepreneurship

    You will develop an understanding of entrepreneurial practice and the entrepreneurial mindset, as well as apply frameworks for ideation and innovation. Through the use of the Business Model Canvas, you will transform a small business opportunity into a feasible business model. You will then synthesize your knowledge and experience in a variety of management disciplines to prepare and present a comprehensive business plan.

  • Conflict Management

    Your studies will focus on an introduction to conflict resolution, designed to provide you with interest-based conflict resolution models and primary interpersonal skills to handle workplace conflicts. This course is designed not only as an introduction to developing skills in managing conflict, but also providing organizational leaders with skills to manage conflict. You will obtain insights and be educated in conflict theory, negotiation strategy, needs grounding related to basic interpersonal communication and management skills, such as rapport building, empathetic listening, behaviour modeling, reframing, problem solving and decision making.

  • Foundations of Talent Acquisition

    Your studies will focus on the role and functions of recruitment and selection of human resource management. You will develop an appreciation for professional talent acquisition practices that meet Canadian legal standards. You will also develop an understanding of the essential role of sound staffing practices in relation to organizational productivity.

  • Strategic Management

    You will study the key concepts, tools, and principles of strategy formulation and competitive analysis, designed to capitalize on emerging opportunities. Your studies are focused on information analyses, organizational processes, skills, business knowledge and judgement that managers must possess to devise strategy, to position their firms to sustain and maximize progress in the face of uncertainty and competition. You will take a general management perspective, viewing the organization as a whole entity by examining how policies in each functional area are integrated and woven to represent the whole firm to achieve sustainability and profitability in an ever changing and competitive environment.

  • Digital Marketing

    Your studies will focus on the practical application of creating resumes, screening candidates and interviewing candidates. You will also learn about the importance of onboarding, engagement, development and employment terminations. Finally, you will learn how to evaluate an organization’s talent acquisition processes.

  • Talent Selection

    Your studies will focus on the practical application of creating resumes, screening candidates and interviewing candidates. You will also learn about legal and ethical considerations regarding selection and recruitment. Finally, you will have an opportunity to practice your skills in a mock interview setting.

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