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GED Testing 2023-2024


Many adults who did not complete a high school program of instruction have continued to learn through a variety of experiences encountered in everyday life. The purpose of the GED® testing program is to provide an opportunity for these individuals to have the learning gained from such life experiences evaluated and recognized.

GED® Testing Information

The GED® tests measure the academic skills and knowledge expected of high school graduates and has opened doors to better jobs and college programs since 1942.

The GED® computer based exam is made up of 5 subject areas: Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. For more information about the GED® program in Saskatchewan go to GED® Testing Program | Job Training and Financial Support Programs | Government of Saskatchewan

Exams are $7 per module and testing is available at both campuses. You can write one exam or multiple exams in one sitting.

To register for online GED®testing, click Here

To view the GED brochure, please click here: GED BROCHURE


GED 2024 Update

GED up until May 3, 2024 will be offered at the NB location.  In addition the GED is changing to the Canadian Adult Education Credential – (CAEC) as of May 3, 2024.


  • GED® Exams


    Location       Battlefords Campus
    Day/Time       Thu  8:30am-4:30pm

    Create an account AND book online at Payment can be made by credit card or by voucher sold at the bookstore.

    TIP:  If you find there are no available time slots for your exam booking, try selecting one or two exams at a time.


    Location       Meadow Lake Campus
    Day/Time       Thu   8:30am-4:30pm

    Creat an account at and contact Meadow Lake Campus to book an exam - 306-234-5100.

    TIP: In ensure you select "Testing in Canada" when signing in.

  • GED® College Supports

    Would you like to find out more about the GED®, assess your readiness to write the GED®, and discuss a study plan? Ask about the Adult Basic Education intake testing dates or refer to the college website:

  • GED® Self-Assessment

    Take an official GED® practice test. Scores indicate the level of readiness to take the exam. Create your account in An official practice test is available in the "Study" Dashboard. Review the results to identify your areas of strengths and weaknesses. Need help interpreting the results? Contact the college.

  • GED® Materials - College Bookstores

    Prepare for the GED® exams by working through the GED® workbook.

    GED® Preparation Workbook - Steck-Vaugh - $35 (tax in)
    Casio FX Calculator (optional) - $13.95 (tax in

    If you need more in-depth math development, we recommend the Refresher Math Workbook with answers - $26 (tax in).

  • Essay Writing/Tutoring

    Do you need to refresh your writing skills? Sign up for an essay writing workshop and take advantage of tutoring sessions included to review and improve your essay writing skills.

    Essay Writing

    Location             Battlefords Campus



    Location             Battlefords Campus
    Dates             TBA

  • Computer Skills

    GED® exams and essays are computer based. Make sure your keyboarding skills don't hold you back. Suggested free site:

    Need help? Computers and assistance are available at the college for registering for exams, improving keyboarding, or taking a practice test and interpreting results.

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