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North Battleford, SKNorth West College is excited to announce that it is opening programming in North Battleford and Meadow Lake to international students. In the fall the College will host 20 international students in business and culinary programs, with plans to double that number across multiple programs every year thereafter.

Canada has experienced a growing profile as a study destination over the last decade, with 642,480 international students pursuing a post-secondary education at all levels of study in 2019. North West College is seeking to benefit from the popularity of a Canadian education to support the provincial labor force, which is continuing to grow in demand. “We need more people to strengthen our regional work force, and international students are an invaluable option because by being trained locally they are more likely to stay in the region” says Dr. Eli Ahlquist, North West College President. “The College has an important role to play in economic recovery and international student revenue is essential for our continued growth. This revenue will enable us to fund new initiatives that create opportunities for all students, including both domestic, First Nations and Metis students.”

The benefit an international student brings extends beyond revenue because “international students bring an important cultural component that enhances all students’ learning, preparing them to engage in the modern, globally diverse economy” says Byron Merkosky, North West College Board Chair. “Our College is ready to invite international students into high-demand academic programs with services such as language training, health insurance, and other supports to ensure success”.

International students are an important economic driver for Canada and will be for the community as well. Students will rent apartments, get haircuts, and shop. The spin-off economic benefits from inviting international students to learn and live in the region is well documented. A recent study from Australia suggests that international students account for 46% of all visitor expenditure in an institution’s region.

North West College appreciates the community helping spread the word to friends and relatives who might be looking to study in Canada.

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Bryon Zanyk
Manager, External Development and Corporate Services                         
North West College                                      


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