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The information on this form will not be the only basis for a hiring decision. You are not required to provide any information that is prohibited by any law.
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If you check No, and you are applying for a position within the College that is within a different classification / level,(ie: you are currently Field and you would like to apply for an Instructor position, or Job Coach applying for SSA), please complete the main Application for Employment form so that the College may fully assess your qualifications and experience. ALL bids for Level 7 or 8 supervisory positions must be made using the main Application for Employment form.
It is important to complete this application form in full. An incomplete or incorrect application may affect your status as an applicant.

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I certify that I have carefully read the foregoing application and I declare that the statements made by me therein are true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I hereby authorize North West College (the College), its delegate or an agent on its behalf, to conduct an investigation into the facts stated on the material submitted within this application for employment and any supporting documents surrendered in accompaniment of the application for employment.
I understand that any omission or misrepresentation that I knowingly provide, with respect to this information, may be cause for denial of, or immediate termination of employment. I understand also that if employed, I am required to abide by all policies and procedures of the College and any special agreements reached between the employer, myself and/or the bargaining agent – SGEU, including serving an initial probationary period. I understand that in order to receive recognition for educational qualification, I must provide a copy of my transcripts from the relevant post-secondary institution(s) or the certificate/license if it is for a trade requiring an apprenticeship period.
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This Personal Information is being collected and utilized to assess the applicant’s eligibility and suitability for employment with the College, for communication with the applicant, preparing employment contracts if the applicant is hired, providing access to services offered by North West College (NWC) and for administrative and statistical purposes. Provisions of "Local Authority Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act" protect the information collected. Questions about NWC’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy policy and procedures should be directed in writing to NWC’s Privacy Head at 10702 Diefenbaker Drive, North Battleford, SK, S9A 4A8.
I acknowledge my consent to NWC’s use and disclosure of my Personal Information as outlined above.


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