Heavy Equipment & Truck & Transport Certificate

Meadow Lake Campus
Sep 5th, 2017 - May 25th, 2018 Full-time
Weekdays : 10:00am to 04:00pm

Tuition: $5504.00 (subject to change)
Application Fee of $35.00
Books: $830.00 (subject to change)
Print Fee: $50.00
Other: $250.00  Clothing

Heavy Equipment and Truck and Transport Technician is a pre-employment certificate program. It provides knowledge and skill development in servicing, maintaining, testing, diagnosing and repairing heavy equipment, trucks, buses and transport vehicles.

Graduates will receive credit for levels one and two of apprenticeship for either of the Heavy Duty Mechanics or Truck and Transport Mechanics trades.

Admission Requirements

*Grade 11
*English language requirement
*Foundations of Math 20, OR Pre-Calculus 20. OR Workplace and Apprenticeship Math 20      (Modified and General Math credits are not acceptable).

**The following equipment must be purchased by students through a vendor of their choice:

- Steel toed boots
- work gloves
- coveralls
- safety glasses

Special Admissions:
Applicants who do not possess the academic qualifications for a program may be admitted if evidence of probable success can be established through a special admission assessment. Interested individuals should still apply. Applicants are automatically considered for special admission.

Application process opens immediately.


  • AIR 170 - Air Conditioning

    The course covers the operation, diagnosis and repair of air conditioning and heating systems and their controls using specialized tools.  Environmental certification is available at an extra cost.

    Delivery Method: Lecture

  • BRAK 170 - Drum & Disc Brake Systems

    You will learn the function, operation, maintenance and repair of drum, disc and multiple disc brake systems.

    Delivery Method: Lecture

  • BRAK 171 - Anti-Lock Brake & Traction

    You will learn the function, operation, maintenance and basic diagnostic procedures for anti-lock brake and traction control systems.

    Delivery Method: Lecture

  • COMM 127 - Industry Communications

    You will practice fundamental employability skills related to oral and written communications.  You will also practice employability skills related to working effectively with others.  You will learn personal employability skills and the effect of attitudes and behaviours on successful job search.

    Delivery Method: Lecture

  • COMP 170 - Basic Computer Operation

    You will be introduced to the basics of computer concepts.  Topics you will study include computer components, hardware and software, working in a graphical user interface, file management, word processing and the Internet.  The general skills you learn in this course will prepare you for further courses such as word processing, spreadsheets and presentation graphics.

    Delivery Method: Lecture

  • DRTR 171 - Differentials & Final Drives

    You will learn how to diagnose and repair drivelines and differentials.  You will study the operation of planetary final drive and steerable drive axle systems.

    Delivery Method: Lecture

  • DRTR 172 - Tracks & Undercarriage

    You will study final drives, standard and lanetary gear reductions and undercarriage in crawler tractors and wheeled machines.  You will also learn basic rigging and hoisting principles.

    Delivery Method: Lecture

  • ELEC 171 - Fundamentals of Electricity

    You will study fundamental principles of electricity and magnetism.  Your studies will focus on batteries and basic circuit operation.  You will learn how to use electrical test equipment to service and repair basic electrical circuits.

    Delivery Method: Lecture

  • ELEC 172 - Starting & Charging Circuits

    You will study electromagnetism as it relates to starting and charging system operation.  You will learn how to service and troubleshoot starting and charging systems and their components.

    Delivery Method: Lecture

  • ELTR 174 - Gauges & Electronic Systems

    You will study specialized electrical circuits and the operation, troubleshooting and repair of instrumentation systems.  Your studies will include an introduction to electronic control systems.

    Delivery Method: Lecture

  • ENGN 170 - Diesel Engines

    You will learn how to service and maintain the diesel engine and its support systems.  The course content includes cooling, lubrication, fuel injection (low pressure side), air induction and exhaust systems.  You will also learn how to remove and install engines.

    Delivery Method: Lecture

  • EQPT 170 - Equipment Operation & Maintenance

    You will learn how to operate, service and maintain various types of trucks and construction equipment.  Your studies will focus on the function and operation of component parts and regular service and maintenance procedures.  You will work at a construction site to gain experience in operating trucks and a variety of earth-moving equipment.

    Delivery Method: Lecture

  • HYDR 171 - Servicing Hydraulic Systems

    You will learn the operation of open and closed centre and advanced hydraulic systems.  You will practice the diagnosis, adjustment and repair of hydraulic systems and components.

    Delivery Method: Lecture

  • MATH 187 - Mathematics

    You will develop the background knowledge in basic mathematics, while focusing on applications within the mechanical trades.

    Delivery Method: Lecture

  • METT 170 - Steering & Suspension

    The course covers the operation, adjustment, diagnosis and repair of steering and suspension system components.

    Delivery Method: Lecture

  • METT 171 - Cab & Chassis

    You will learn how to repair cab and chassis systems and components.

    Delivery Method: Lecture

  • PRNT 170 - Sketching & Blueprint Reading

    You will learn how to sketch a mechanical part (views with dimensioning and isometrics).  The course content includes reading mechanical drawings and building an assembly sketch (complete with a bill of materials).

    Delivery Method: Lecture

  • TOOL 170 - Basic Tools

    Your studies will help you develop safe work practices.  You will learn how to use and maintain shop/hand/power tools, measuring devices, fasteners, sealants and fittings.  You will gain experience in tool and equipment operation through the creation of benchwork projects.  The course content includes general safety rules, basic firefighting techniques and OHSA and WHMIS regulations.

    Delivery Method: Lecture

  • WELD 177 - Welding

    You will learn the safe and proper operation of arc welding machines, oxy-acetylene welding and cutting equipment, and metal inert gas equipment.  You will also learn how to select electrodes and develop proper welding and cutting techniques.  You will develop skill in joining mild steel in the flat, vertical and horizontal positions using a variety of electrodes on arc welding machines.  You will also develop skill in the short circuiting method of metal transfer in the MIG process, and oxy-acetylene freehand flame cutting and brazing in the flat position.

    Delivery Method: Lecture

  • WORK 170 - Work Placement

    You will be placed in a typical work situation in industry.  Observing and working with qualified mechanics will help you gain insight into work habits, on-the-job routines and job requirements.

    Delivery Method: Lecture