Industrial Mechanics (Millwright)

Battlefords Campus
Future dates to be determined.

Tuition: $2058.00 (subject to change)
Application Fee of $35.00
Books: $400.00 (subject to change)
Print Fee: $50.00

Industrial mechanics are also known as millwrights. Industrial Mechanics (Millwrights) install, repair and maintain machinery that is used in factories, mines and production facilities.  Graduates may find employment in commercial or industrial operations that use machinery. These include wood, cereal, meat processing and power generating plants, mines, mills and refineries.

Trade time and academic credit may be available for graduates who find employment in the trade and register as apprentices. Please contact the Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission (SATCC) for further information.

Admission Requirements

-  Grade 10
-  English Language Requirement
-  Special admission is available