Plumbing & Pipefitting-Applied Certificate Meadow Lake Campus

Meadow Lake Campus
Sep 5th, 2017 - Jan 26th, 2018 Full-time
Weekdays : 09:00am to 04:00pm

Tuition: $2522.00 (subject to change)
Application Fee of $35.00
Books: $1800.00  includes clothing (subject to change)
Print Fee: $50.00

The 17 week Plumbing and Pipefitting Applied Certificate program provides entry level knowledge and skill development in plumbing installation, water supplies, waste systems and plumbing fixtures. The pass mark for each course is 60%. 17 weeks.

Admission Requirements

  • Grade 11 or GED 12
  • English Language Requirement

Special Admissions:

Applicants who do not possess the academic qualifications for a program may be admitted if evidence of probable success can be established through a special admission assessment. Interested individuals should still apply. Applicants are automatically considered for special admission.

Delivery Method

The following delivery methods are available for some of the courses in this program.

  • Lecture

Please refer to the course description for course specific delivery methods.


  • DRAW 101-Blueprint Reading

    You will learn how to produce and interpret basic shop drawings and piping sketches as used at a typical work site. You will study the trade's code book and learn to apply code regulations to the installation of a residential plumbing system.

    Delivery Method: Lecture

  • MATH 106-Plumbing/Pipefitting Mathematics

    You will study math concepts commonly used in the Plumbing and Pipefitting trades. After reviewing basic mathematics, you will solve basic equations and ratio and proportion problems. You will calculate perimeter, area and volume of common shapes, and perform mass and capacity calculations in Imperial and SI measurement systems. Trade applications include using steel measuring tapes and calculating 45° offsets and mechanical advantage.

    Delivery Method: Lecture

  • PLMB 100-Gasfitting

    You will develop the required skills necessary for the installation of a domestic gas piping system. You will be introduced to the science behind the gas used in industry, along with the code requirements for the industry. The course emphasizes the safety factors involved in working with natural and propane gas and the importance of accurate code interpretation.

    Delivery Method: Lecture

  • RIGG 183-Safety, Knots and Rigging

    You will study general safety as it applies to the plumbing/pipefitting trades. You will develop skill in the safe lifting and moving of materials and equipment used in the shop. You will become familiar with WHMIS and articles of the Occupational Health and Safety Act that apply to the trades.

    Delivery Method: Lecture

  • SCI 108-Plumbing/Pipefitting Science

    You will gain an understanding of basic scientific principles that apply to the Plumbing/Pipefitting trade. You will study classification, properties and states of matter, basic chemistry, and basic principles of Thermodynamics. You will also solve problems involving simple machines.

    Delivery Method: Lecture

  • STEA 100-Hydronic Heating Systems

    The course covers the various boilers and the components of a hot water heating system. You will briefly discuss hydronic cooling. You will study a typical boiler installation with associated piping. You will be introduced to the hydronics code and how it applies to a residential or small commercial heating system. You will cover the practice of installing various boilers and the components of a hot water heating system. You will briefly discuss hydronic cooling. You will demonstrate a typical boiler installation with associated piping. You will put into practice the hydronics code and apply it to a residential or small commercial heating system.

    Delivery Method: Lecture

  • STEA 101-Introduction to Steam Boilers

    Your studies will include various low pressure steam systems. You will cover terms and definitions and the basic operation of LPS heating systems. You will discuss an overview of equipment use and low pressure steam accessories. Piping arrangements for LPS will also be discussed.

    Delivery Method: Lecture

  • TOOL 108-Basic Tools and Materials

    You will learn to use most of the hand and power tools utilized in the plumbing and pipefitting trades. You will be introduced to all types of pipes, tubing and fittings. You will learn to identify and join the different kinds of pipe used in the plumbing and pipefitting trades and learn to join the different kinds of pipe. Another component of the course is an introduction to natural and LP gas.

    Delivery Method: Lecture

  • WORK 105-Work Experience

    You will gain valuable experience through a two-week job placement in industry. You will have the opportunity to apply your trade-related technical skills as you increase your understanding of the workplace and employer's needs.

    Delivery Method: Lecture