University of Regina


Bachelor of Education

Meadow Lake Campus

Tuition: $8690.36 (subject to change)

Semester 1 Classes  Fees         
EHE 215 841.00
ED 215 (practicum) is a 2 CU 560.68
Math 101-Repeat 841.00
EPS 215 841.00
ESST 215 841.00
ERDG 215 841.00
Total  4765.68
Semester 1 tuition WITHOUT repeat of Math should be 3924.68  
Semester 2/Winter Classes  Fees
ED 225 (practicum) is a 2 CU 560.68
EPE 215 841.00
EPSY 225 841.00
ESCI 215 841.00
EMTH 215 841.00
EAES 215 841.00
Total  4765.68


Full four year degree delivered in Meadow Lake.


Delivery Method

The following delivery methods are available for some of the courses in this program.

  • Lecture

Please refer to the course description for course specific delivery methods.


  • EHE 215-Elementary School Health Education: Methods, Content and Materials

    The purpose of this course is to acquaint the students with the health programs, methods, content, and materials in both the elementary and middle years school levels. *** Prerequisite: Selection into the Elementary Program. ***

    Delivery Method: Lecture

  • ED-2015 Integrative Experiences in Elementary Education

    This course provides information and skills related to pertinent issues in field experiences, and guided reflection intended to help students see these experiences in social and cultural context. *** Prerequisite: Admission to elementary pre-internship. *** *** Corequisite: EPS 215 and field experience. *** * Note: Pass/fail grade. Normally offered in fall only. *

    Delivery Method: Lecture

  • Math 215- Introductory Finite Mathematics I

    This is an introductory course intended to familiarize the students with the basic concepts of arithmetic, number theory, set theory, symbolic logic, and finite mathematics. Topics include logic, sets, numeration systems, arithmetic in non-decimal systems, system of integers, elementary number theory and modular arithmetic. There will be a strong emphasis on critical thinking, problem solving, understanding concepts and their applications. *** Prerequisite: University Admission*** * Note: Students who have received credit for any mathematical course (other than MATH 108) cannot take this class for credit, unless it is explicitly required in their program or they have received consent from the Head of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. Web delivered class sections may be subject to an additional $50.00 material fee. *

    Delivery Method: Lecture

  • EPS 215 Principles and Practices of Elementary Teaching

    This course provides instruction on, and practice in, basic instructional approaches. Students will develop further ability in, and understanding of, the roles of teachers in schools. *** Prerequisite: EPS 100 *** * Note: Students must fill out the Workers' Compensation Agreement form. Pass/Fail grade. * * Please note that the French version of this course is no longer available and will now be offered as EPSF 315, effective 200830. *

    Delivery Method: Lecture

  • ESST 215 Social Studies for Elementary School Teachers

    Objectives, methods of teaching, curricular models, and materials in elementary school social studies. Philosophies of social studies are explored. *** Prerequisite: Admission to pre-internship. ***

    Delivery Method: Lecture

  • ERDG 215 The Teaching of Reading

    This course prepares students to teach reading in the elementary school by developing an understanding of reading processes and current pedagogical approaches. *** Prerequisite: ELNG 205 and EPS 215 (concurrent enrolment allowed) ***

    Delivery Method: Lecture

  • ED 225 Integrative Experiences in Elementary Education: Part II

    This course follows and builds upon the experience of ED 215, continuing to provide information and skills related to the field experience; and providing more seminar time for guided reflection. The course will allow students to situate critical incidents within their field experiences within a cultural context.

    Delivery Method: Lecture

  • EPE 215


    Delivery Method: Lecture

  • EPSY 225- Assessing Student Learning

    An introduction to basic principles and practices in assessing learning during the early childhood, elementary and middle years. Focus will be on melding theory and practice. * Note: Normally offered in fall semester only. * * Please note that the French version of this course is no longer available and will now be offered as EPSY 425, effective 200830. *

    Delivery Method: Lecture

  • ESCI 215 Introduction to Teaching of Elementary School Science

    Philosophy, objectives, curriculum materials, structure, and teaching of elementary school science. Enquiry approach to science education. *** Prerequisite: Completion of first year in the Elementary Program.

    Delivery Method: Lecture

  • EMTH 215 Theory and Practice in Teaching Mathematics in the Elementary School

    This course examines the structure of mathematics and methodology related to major curriculum topics, including problem solving, rational numbers, and geometry. A critical resource-based approach will be used to enable students to become familiar with, and make wise choices about, a variety of teaching strategies and curriculum materials. *** Prerequisite: For elementary pre-internship students only. ***

    Delivery Method: Lecture

  • EAES 215 Introduction to Arts Education

    Introduction to the five disciplines of art, dance, drama, music, and literature as required areas of study in the elementary classroom as reflected in aspects of the provincial curriculum.

    Delivery Method: Lecture