Sep 02 2021

12:00am - 11:59pm

COVID 19 Update - Board Executive Letter

To: All College Staff

September 2, 2021

As stated by our Premier Scott Moe, “The COVID-19 pandemic is not over yet”, and that as of August 30, 2021, “there are still over 300,000 eligible Saskatchewan residents who are not fully vaccinated and that is what is driving our fourth wave of COVID in this province”.

The emergence and impact of the Delta variant is cited as a key contributor to the more recent increase in COVID 19 cases. As a result, various organizations and post[1]secondary institutions are in the process of introducing their own respective vaccination policies.

As we continue to welcome back our staff and students over the next week, NWC remains focused on the safety of our staff, students and community, and will continue to follow the recommendations from the Government of Saskatchewan. The risk of transmission of this virus still remains a possibility and it is important that we all continue to share the responsibility to help stop the spread.

The College will continue to monitor the situation, and we request all college community members to follow the following protocols and recommendations effective September 7, 2021, until further notice:

1)     Vaccinations

While COVID-19 vaccination is not mandatory, the Government of Saskatchewan and the College Board and Executive recommend that all eligible persons get vaccinated. The full vaccination process consists of both doses of a two-dose COVID[1]19 vaccination series. To help support the College community get vaccinated, NWC is working with the Saskatchewan Health Authority to set up pop up vaccination clinics throughout the College region.

2)     Masking

All staff, students and visitors will be required to wear masks while on campus and every delivery site where the College provides programs and services:

Staff – Will be required to mask up in all common areas, including washrooms, hallways, classrooms, meeting rooms, share space etc. Masks will not be required for staff while in their single occupancy offices and individual workstations unless there is another individual meeting with him/her.

Students – Will be required to mask up in all common areas, including washrooms, hallways and classrooms (both instructor and students). Masks can only be removed if eating or drinking.

Visitors – Will be required to mask up while on campus. All visitors must report to the front reception, and if they do not have a mask, the College will supply one.

College Vehicles – Masks are required when travelling with more than one occupant in the vehicle.

Exceptions – The College will accommodate all internal and external stakeholders if provided with documented medical reasons or religious reasons.

3)     Stay home if you are sick

All staff, students and visitors are asked to stay home if they are sick. We ask that you be 48 hours symptom free before returning to campus.

4)     Preventing the spread of Covid-19

·        Wash your hands frequently

·        Use sanitizer when soap and water ae not available

·        Routinely clean common surfaces

5)     Physical Distancing

The public health order has been lifted, the College has implemented practices to limit gatherings and continues to encourage physical distancing as much as possible.

6)     Traffic Flows

While all traffic slow tape and signs are no longer required at College locations, please note the main doors of the campuses can now be used for two-way traffic.  All other exterior doors will remain locked and for exit only.

7)     Enhanced cleaning protocols

The College will continue with the enhanced protocols in place and will continue to have sanitizer and cleaning cloths for each staff work station.


8)     Plexi-glass barriers

Plexi-glass barriers will continue to remain in place until further notice.

9)     Blended working and learning

Until further notice, we will continue blended working and learning. We will continue to assess; but will have a conservative approach as we move to have more face to face in the fall/winter.

10   Do your part

Together let’s do our part to help stop the spread of Covid-19. We are confident if we follow the protocols in place, we will have a safe and successful year. Thank you to everyone for their cooperation and support.

On behalf of the College Board Chair and College Executive Management

Byron Merkosky & Jay Notay