North West Regional College

University FAQ's

How do I apply?

Step 1 - Apply directly to the University of your choice (U of R or U of S)

Step 2 - On the application, indicate that classes will be taken at a regional college.

Step 3 - Meet with a NWC coordinator or student advisor for academic advice, assistance, and support.


What do I do after I am accepted?

Step 1 - Register for classes offered at NWC.

Step 2 - Ensure that you submit any further documents as requested in your acceptance letter.

Step 3 - Investigate scholarship possibilities and/or arrange for a student loan.

Step 4 - Check out the calendar for university rules and regulations.


Is there anything for me to do before classes start?

Step 1 - Purchase your textbooks.

Step 2 - Print off your schedule.

Step 3 - Pay your tuition to the university.